Monday, January 4, 2016

Better than IVF

 The Misconception

Recently, a dear friend of mine mentioned that if couples really want a baby badly enough, they just need to do IVF. I about died. 

This dear, sweet, friend has known me for over 12 years.  She has heard about my tremendous successful infertility practice but I guess she doesn't really understand, as most don't.  They read their magazines that constantly tout IVF.  They believe it's that easy; if your pockets are deep.  They think, if they are even aware of natural infertility treatments at all: Why bother with natural medicine?  It must take longer?  It must take more time, more money and must not be as effective? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong and wrong, again.

They are thinking: IVF is real medicine.   IVF is simple: take some drugs and mix you and your husband in a tube and you are pregnant.  But boy are they mistaken.  It's not their fault.  It's media.  It's our doctors referrals to Reproductive Endocrinologists, not as a last resort but a first option.  It's our TV shows, our magazines, our big pharma, books, advertisements, movies and on the flip side, we rarely ever see acupuncture and herbal medicine portrayed in a true-to-life fashion.

I was beyond words when she said that IVF was a guarantee. I thought if one of my closest friends believes this, the world related to infertility is doomed.  How can we get the word out?  How can we educate people suffering from infertility? How can we right this devastating wrong?  We can and we will with facts, testimonials, studies, education and best selling books then movies. 

I was astounded at what she had said and started to spout the truth:

Acupuncture is exponentially more effective than IVF. Herbal medicine when prescribed is 1/10th of the cost and 3 times as effective than IVF.

Patients get pregnant usually in a third of the time compared to IVF.  

IVF Costs $12,000.00-$25,000.00 for One Attempt

IVF rarely works the first time.  Patients have to spend $12,000.00- $25,000.00 a month, a month, just to try for a baby with no guarantee.  They often become over stimulated, risking hospitalization or death.  Fertility drugs have proven to cause long term, very risky health problems for the woman.  Egg donor is pushed hard to increase the fertility centers weak odds.  They virtually ignore male factor saying they choose the best so not to worry, when in reality how are we to choose the best when God (if you believe) and nature pick the best, not doctors.  If they are the best, why do so many embryos die?  Why do so many pregnancies fail?  Are you prepared to create 10 or 20 of your own children only to know that within a week half of them will all die?  Are prepared for the emotional turmoil?  Are you aware that so many of your children will be created only to die?  Are you aware that often you will have your own children, frozen in time to never have an opportunity to be born?  Only to be flushed away or used for science.  Those are hard, unspoken truths about IVF no on is talking about. 

She was like, wow, I had NO idea.  You never hear about that in regards to IVF.

I was numb and sad but now, I'm inspired.  We are all so misinformed.  We don't know.  It's time that changed.

But Acupuncture is Weird

We either see an ancient Chinese man, who doesn't speak English, doing strange, mysterious things in an unclean environment with dim lights and smokes abound.  

Acupuncture Must Hurt 

Or we see the hyper-exaggeration or using 1,000 needles, the grotesque exaggeration of how it feels, always over emphasizing pain, rather than the actual peaceful even blissful feeling most get with each treatment.  

But in reality, what my friend so erroneously assumed is what the majority of people think.  It so very sad.  A travesty in fact.

So many suffer from infertility and they think IVF is their only option and that it actually works, the first time and if not, eventually is must. But they couldn't be more wrong.

This baby girl, born December 2015,  proves Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is better than IVF.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine  Vs. IVF 

 (David Vs. Goliath)

* Studies prove our medicine is exponentially more effective
* Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine carries no life threatening side-effects
* Patients are twice as likely in 1/3 of the time to conceive and give birth compared to IVF
* Our fertility program costs a fraction of IVF
*Once pregnant our patients are far less likely to miscarry
*Ectopic pregnancy is almost completely avoided with our treatments
*Our live birth rates are higher
*Our babies overall are healthier and have fewer birth defects (so far, no serious birth defects in our practice of 15 years)

December was a month to remember. Here are some more precious newborn pictures of the latest miracle "infertility" baby born from our fertility treatments to inspire you during your struggles with infertility. .....I think it's time I hunker down and write a book for once and for all.  

For more inspiring testimonials and studies visit our website.  We offer consultations throughout the US for the most difficult infertility cases.  (208) 938-1277


  1. Thanks a lot my friend for sharing this post on Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine vs IVF. I just consulted a professional at Mississauga acupuncture regarding Infertility. Your post was also very convincing to get into acupuncture. I will definitely try it dear!!

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