Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Connecting the Dots Immuno-Suprressant Therapy and Infertility

 Today the world found out that Glenn Frey a lead singer for the Eagle's Rock Band in America died.
A dear friend was so upset by this saying something to the effect of : "He died from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Colitis and Pneumonia at 67!? How is that possible?  I know a ton of people with rheumatoid arthritis.  Why are we dying so young? This is all too much"

Is it worth dying from medication?

I explained to her, that although I was not privy to his medical care, my expertise lead me to connect the dots.  He didn't actually die from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He died from the prescription drugs he was taking to "treat" the rheumatoid arthritis which in turn diminished his immune system, causes an acute flare-up in his colon (colitis) and catching a virus that turned into pneumonia that in turn killed him. But sadly you don't read that in the paper and you think, well, we are all going to die some day. But you don't learn there could be a better way and a way to stay alive.

As I said before, I was not working with him personally on his case but the deduction of what happened was quite simple and even more scary, commonplace for treatment for many medical conditions.  Many of these medical conditions are serious and deblitating and most feel they don't have a choice but to take the prescriptions however, few of those patients have even tried natural medical treatment.  They may have dabbled, or tried acupuncture a few times to say "it didn't work".  That isn't consistent treatment, that isn't whole care. That isn't what I'm referring to.  Or they may say, I took some herbs.  Those didn't work and they tasted bad. Most people don't see a master herbalist, which is critical in serious medical cases.  Googling an herb and trying it is not medicine.  Taking one herb at a time, is bad medicine and ineffective anyways. 

Here are my speculations:
Mr. Fry was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
He was then prescribed immuno-suppressant therapy including cortico-steroids to control his pain in his hands (I'm assuming) particularly since he was a guitar player and still performed. 

Here in lies the problem.  These drugs are so effective they lower your immune system. Mind you, they don't just lower your immune system; they actually kill your immune system.  These drugs prevent your immune system cells from dividing; if they can't divide, they die. But we don't read about that, do we?

So what?
Your immune system is vital for keeping you alive, preventing cancer and preventing infections.  Preventing infection in your respiratory system and in your digestive track...like Fry.  He had both.
It's vital to fight off infection, keep viruses from attacking your colon and  even an innocuous cold can turn to pneumonia and cause death, like that...like Fry.

How Did We Get Here?

Immuosuppressive therapy was created for organ transplants.  When you are fighting to live, in an organ transplant situation, these risks seem like a reasonable, albeit, frightening risk to take.  But when struggling with pain, that could be treated with acupuncture, herbal medicine and dietary changes instead, why wouldn't you try the natural medicine? Most don't.  Most don't know they could or rather should.

What Are Your Options?

So what are people who suffer from pain to do?  What if you have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, crohn's disease, psoriasis, alopecia areota or Addison's disease? What are your treatment options?  Most here the diagnosis and get scared and immediately go on the drugs out of fear.  They don't say oh, thank you I'll get back to you on that.  The doctors often scare them into thinking they could die without the medications or will end up with curved fingers if left alone. The key being, if left alone.  Not, if treated by a master herbalist.  Not, if treated regularly with acupuncture.  If left alone.

This is what you do.  You seek out professional help from the most respected acupuncturist and herbalist in your area. If they are an herbalist, you can be treated from across the country with proper monitoring.   Today.  Not tomorrow.  Not after you have blood in your stool or your bladder is so irritated you have pain each and every time you urinate from more side-effects from the medication.  Not after you are catching every imaginable cold there is out there.  And sadly, if you are there already, that is ok, we can still help you.  It will just take longer to heal your body.

Immosuppressants, Cancer and Infertility?

Then you ask, what does this have to do with infertility?  John's Hopkins, a renowned medical facility in the United States dubbed Nubmer #1 in treating Rheumatology opening shares that immunosuppressant therapy is risky medicine and often lives are taken from it and some even cause infertility.

Cause infertility.

But instead of referring you to a form of medicine that is safe and works for these painful and often destructive forms of disease, they suggest yet another drug that may (or may not) preserve your fertility. Furthermore, long term use increases your risk for cancer.  These drugs also cause birth defects so trying to get pregnant while using them is working against you from every angle.

Beating Back Death Personal Case History

I had a patient, just like Mr. Fry except she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and was put on immunosuppressant drugs to help her cope and manage with her disease.

She came to me for infertility because she couldn't get pregnant.

Her drugs were doing exactly as the side-effects said they would:
She had blood in her stool
Pus in her stool
She caught every cold and never, ever recovered from them
Exhausted beyond belief
She was puffy, exhausted and miserable

But she wanted a baby- luckily for us that motivates a person

The Chicken or The Egg?

I talked with her about the problem with me trying to help her get pregnant while she was on drugs that she could not be on while pregnant.  She said but my constipation and diarrhea?  I told her I would concurrently treat her for both her bowel disease and her infertility.

She talked to her doctor about going off the immunosuppressants as I explicitly told her I could not advise her to do that, she must discuss it with her doctor.  He adamantly said no, she would end up with a colostomy bag and even worse, get colon cancer.  She told him she was going off, she was under my care and that I would address both her bowel health and increase her fertility. She wanted a baby.  He was less then pleased and demanded she come back in 3 months to be checked.

She went off her medications.
I treated her for her Crohn's and IBS and you can guess what happened; she got healthy.
She got off the drugs that caused infertility
She got off the drugs that were making her sick

No more blood in her stool
No more pain
No more bloating
No more painful constipation or diarrhea
No colds
No runny nose
No inflammation, anywhere
And her exhaustion left her and she trained...for a 1/2 MARATHON!

She was ready to get pregnant.

Her doctor was skeptical and wanted to do another colonoscopy to see how she was doing 3 months into our treatment.  As he was putting her under for the procedure he mentioned a new immunosupressant drug he wanted to try with her. She was shocked.  She knew she no longer ever wanted to go on that type of medication again.

As she was coming out, he was astounded.  He told her that if he hadn't seen her colon before he would have never believed what he saw: her colon was completely healthy.  Not a trace of inflammation or disease. None.

But he cut into her anyway, just to be sure. Her biopsy came back as I expected: healthy.

With her permission, I wrote him a letter informing him that this was no mistake or miracle or fluke.  This was what is expected with my form of medicine and I would love to work integratively co-treating patients together to save lives, prevent infertility and help people from losing their colons or their lives.

We never heard from or received a referral from that doctor.

But the patient was finally happy and healthy and ready to conceive.

Source: http://www.hopkinslupus.org/?s=rheumatoid+arthritis+immuno+suppressant+therapy

Kristen N. Burris, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M. Fertility Expert In The United States of America

Mrs. Burris takes the most challenging infertility cases in the United States and uses no drugs, nor surgeries for treating infertility.  She has an unprecedented track record with patients seeking help with their complicated infertility problems.  She consults with patients via phone, email and in her private practice in Eagle, Idaho.  (208) 938-1277
For more testimonials, photos and studies visit us here.


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